Connect with cancer fighters who are praying for each other, and for the researchers who are searching for a cure. Will you take a few moments to share your story with us? All of these questions are optional. We want to pray with you!
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Has prayer helped you fight cancer? If so, tell us how.

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We know that many cancer patients value the opportunity to take part in research. Research can help patients find better treatments with less side-effects, and ultimately a cure. Even if research only helps a future generation rid itself of this awful disease, most cancer patients want to help. But this isn’t happening nearly as much as it could, as less than one-third of cancer patients agree to participate in research. We want to make it comfortable and easy for you to help our medical research partners, and we may ask you (by email) to participate in a survey, focus group, or other cancer research project. You are never obligated to participate and your privacy will always be protected. Together we can help cancer researchers find a cure!
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